Inspection during Production      
  In-Line Inspection

During production in-line inspection is carried out. The observations are recorded in In-line inspection report. Inline inspection is carried out daily during the course of production for an order, to effectively control quality. Pieces are randomly selected and verified for quality parameters & SPI.

End-Line Inspection

After 70 % of the consignments are packed, End-Line inspectors conduct a pre final inspection. This is considered as a Mini Final Inspection. The audit will cover styling, measurements, quality of packing assortments, presentation and finishing.
  Fabric Store - 100% Fabric Inspection
  Trim & accessories - Trims inspection
  Cutting Room - Marker checking
    - Cut parts checking or audit
    - Bundle inspection
  Printing and Embroidery - 100 % inspection of printing panels
    - 100% inspection of embroidery
  Sewing Department - Inline check point (at critical operation)
    - Roaming checking (Random checking)
    - End of Line checking (100%)
    - Audit of checked pieces
  Finishing Department - Initial finishing inspection (after wash)
    - Final finishing inspection (After Pressing)
    - Internal shipment audit
  Inspection After Production    
  Final Inspection

After completion of the consignment final inspection is carried out as per the BS 6001,MIL STD 105E & AQL - Normal Level II Standards. The results are recorded in Quality assurance inspection chart. For measurement check, Measurement verification chart will be used during inspections.

Inspection Method :BS 6001, MIL STD 105E, AQL - Normal Level II, 2.5 for Major defects, 4.0 for Minor defects, NIL for Critical defects. If a critical fault is found, merchandise will be subjected to 100% re-inspection by GST team. If the number of major & minor faults are above AQL 2.5, the merchandise will be subjected to a re-inspection. The factory will be advised to recheck goods fully and offer for re-inspection.
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